Jun Hyun Moo Left His Junior KBS Announcers A Very Special USB Before Leaving

“After quitting the company, I couldn’t give the announcer department much but I did leave behind a USB.”

KBS announcer, Lee Hye Sung, has revealed the funny reason behind why she was thankful towards Jun Hyun Moo on a recent episode of Happy Together 4.


She began to explain that she recently had to write a report for a mistake she had made but she didn’t know how to write one since it was her first time.

Recently, I had to write a report for a mistake I made. So I was sitting at the announcer’s public computer room and wondering how I should write it since it was my first time.

ㅡ Lee Hye Sung


So she searched on the computer for some examples and discovered dozens of reports written by Jun Hyun Moo.


She explained that the reports were also various including one for being tardy in the morning or for lacking dignity. Jun Hyun Moo chimed in, “One for secretly attending events.”


Jun Hyun Moo admitted to the many reports he wrote and stated that he left behind a “golden USB” of reports for his juniors after he quit the company.

After quitting the company and working freelance, I couldn’t give the announcer department much but I did leave behind a USB.

ㅡ Jun Hyun Moo


He even gave some tips on writing these reports. Firstly, he said no matter how small your mistake was, you must write as if you were a terrible terrible criminal.


For example, if you were tardy, you would start with something along the lines of, “I am an awful person.”

I was late because filming ended late last night, BUT regardless, I am trash.

ㅡ Jun Hyun Moo


He also suggested that you should change the font of your report according to how serious your mistake is.


On this day, Jun Hyun Moo made everyone burst in laughter through his eye-opening “tips” for writing these reports. Check out the full video clip below:


Source: Naver TV