Jun.K Reveals The Unexpected Inspiration Behind “Wedding”

2PM’s Jun.K disclosed the inspiration behind his self-composed tracks and admitted that one of them is inspired by a former girlfriend. 

On January 17th, Jun.K continued promoting his latest release and appeared as a guest on the SBS radio program, Cultwo Show. During the appearance, he was asked about the story behind his title track “Wedding” and he explained that the song was from a specific experience.

“About 70% of my tracks are based on my experiences. It’s a song about the sad feelings I felt when I was invited to a wedding party for a former girlfriend.” – Jun.K

He added that he got a call from his former girlfriend to tell him she was getting married. He did not attend the ceremony, but he said he wrote the song “Wedding” based on the feelings he felt that time instead.

Shying away from 2PM’s activities, Jun.K recently returned as a solo artist with the release of his album 77-1 X3-00.

Source: Dispatch