Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Play Heart-Fluttering Game Of Hide-And-Seek In New Drama

Just watching them will make your heart flutter!

Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min have been giving viewers butterflies with their heart-fluttering game of library hide-and-seek.

On May 29th’s episode of the two actors’ recent drama, One Spring Night, Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) spotted Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) through the bookshelves at the library she works at.


Yoo Ji Ho followed Lee Jung In as she moved onto the next shelf, and continued to watch her through the space in between the shelves of books.


When Lee Jung In finally noticed him, she had a shocked look on her face and quickly went out to find him.


As she searched for Yoo Ji Ho, someone grabbed her from behind but instead of Yoo Ji Ho, it was her fiancé, Kwon Ki Seok.


Yoo Ji Ho, who was planning to go through with her marriage with Kwon Ki Seok, had previously been trying to suppress her growing feelings for Lee Jung In.  Check out the full clip below:


Source: Dispatch