Jung Hae In’s Little Brother Reveals to Be a Total Heartthrob Just like His “Hyung”

Handsome visuals just run in their family.

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s Hangout with Yoo, Noh Hong Chul decided to visit his good old pal, Jung Hae In.

When he visited, Jung Hae In was enjoying a nice vacation in Jejudo with his little brother and friend.

As always, Jung Hae In stole the spotlight with his stunning visuals, but what competed with it was his little brother.

His little brother showed off handsome charms that went to prove that good looks just runs in their family.

When Jung Hae In’s little brother, Jung Hae Joon was asked so say a few words, he expressed, “Beyond as a family member, Jung Hae In is amazing as a person. I got a lot of influence from my big brother.

He continued, “He taught me how I should live life and how to treat other people. I think the way he acts is so cool.

Source: Insight