Jung Hye Sung Reveals Her Past Trauma And How She Conquered It

Thanks to her appearance on King of the Masked Singer, Jung Hye Sung overcame her past trauma and re-gained confidence in herself.

The rising actress recently guested on MBC‘s King of the Masked Singer and while she did not advance to the second round, her singing left an impression on all of the celebrity judges, who praised her for her vocal skills.

After finishing her performance, she revealed that she was a childhood vocalist but she lost confidence in herself after not performing up to her own standards at a competition.

“I was originally a childhood vocalist and I participated in the Busan municipal choir. I even participated in a creative song festival. I took a break for a while and then started singing again but when I entered a competition, I didn’t win an award.

After that, since I was young, my dreams were shattered and my heart hurt that I couldn’t sing well enough to win an award.”

— Jung Hye Sung

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However, her preparations for King of the Masked Singer helped cure her past trauma and gave her the confidence to perform on stage once again.

“While I was preparing to appear on the show, I got a lot of confidence back. It feels like I finished a really big homework assignment. I overcame my past trauma thanks to this show.”

— Jung Hye Sung

Watch Jung Hye Sung’s performance on King of the Masked Singer below.

Source: Joy News24