Jung Joon Young Is Edited Out Of Episodes Of “1 Night, 2 Days”

Fans are both happy and frustrated.

Season 3 of 1 Night, 2 Days has finally been uploaded to KBS‘s YouTube channel! Many fans were very excited to be able to rewatch the episodes and laugh along with the cast. In particular, fans were happy to see Kim Joo Hyuk and relive their experiences with him since he sadly passed away in a car accident back in 2017.

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Despite the joy, fans will sadly have to watch the season with a few portions of it censored. Jung Joon Young, who was sent to prison for 5 years for sexual violence, appears in this season and was edited out. Editors either blurred him or put a black box over him even though you can still hear him.

Fans were pretty annoyed at the blaring problem. They left comments such as: “It’s unfortunate that the show has to be filled with blurred images because of one person”, “the black box looks messy, but I’m still happy I can watch the episodes of season three again”, and “I hate that Jung guy, without him season three wouldn’t have ended, I think season 3 was the most fun”.

Despite the inconvenience, it’s nice to have a bit of fun back in such a dark year.

Source: Wikitree