CNBLUE Yonghwa Visits Cuba And Is Blown Away By How Many K-Pop Fans Were There

Cuba may be the next popular destination for K-Pop artists.

The cast of 1 Night 2 Days recently took a trip to Cuba with CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa and experienced firsthand just how far K-Pop has spread throughout the world.

One of the group’s tasks was to visit an area that is dedicated to people of Korean descent who are currently living in Cuba. Upon their arrival, the audience present exploded in cheers. They were so excited that it even brought some fans to tears of joy at seeing their favorite Korean celebrities up close.

To show his thanks, for the warm welcome the cast received, Jung Yonghwa sang his “Heartstrings” OST “Because I Love You…” and the fans all sang along to the Korean lyrics.

The 1 Night 2 Days cast later picked fans to do a Korean culture quiz with them, and they were pleasantly surprised at how well they did! They knew about all the important Korean historical figures such as Sejong The Great, Commander Yi Sun Shin, and Taejo of Joseon, who was the founder of the Joseon Dynasty.

Korean culture has spread quickly throughout Cuba, with dramas, music, and television shows lining store shelves and being aired on television. In May of 2017, Sulli was spotted having a great time in Cuba. There have yet to be any other K-Pop groups or artists to visit Cuba for a concert, but that might change soon!

Source: Sports Seoul