Jungkook Earns His Title Of “Fancam King” With This Incredible Record-Breaking Milestone

This record is insane!

It’s common for K-Pop idols’ fancams to go viral, especially if there’s something particularly exciting or sexy or interesting about their performance.  Sometimes, viral fancams can even help rocket an idol’s group into greater popularity, such as Hani‘s famous fancam performing “Up and Down” while she was in EXID.

However, some idols are so popular on their own that fans swarm to watch their fancams for any and every performance.  Such is the case for BTS‘s Jungkook!

As of early 2020, Jungkook has amassed an incredible 114 fancams that have reached over 1 million views on YouTube.  Two of these fancams have hit over 30 million views, and one of those has reached over 50 million!

It’s really no surprise that Jungkook has become the king of fancams, given his intense on-stage persona and incredible skill.  Check out his most popular performance for “Boy With Luv” here!