Jungkook’s Hair From “BTS Winter Package 2021” Breaks Twitter

The power his hair holds…

BTS‘s Jungkook always seems to be appearing in the trends, especially for his hair. When they recently released the teaser for their BTS Winter Package 2021, fans went crazy over two of Jungkook’s hairstyles.

One, featuring a comeback of Jungkook’s beloved long hair, this time in mullet form.


The other, a resurrection of his famous waves, this time upgraded with electric blue highlights.


Of course, these iconic hairstyle comebacks destroyed Twitter and Jungkook quickly began to trend (along with “Winter Package”, “Blueberry Yoongi“, and “Taehyung Bread Cheeks”).

Fans were also loving his hair-counterpart J-Hope as he had a similar style with bright yellow highlights.


It’s safe to say, Jungkook’s hair will probably always be trending, ARMY can’t get enough!

What hair would you love to see on him next?