Jungkook “Impersonated” Suga’s Dad, And BTS Lost It 

Nobody expected Suga’s father to make a “cameo”.

Jungkook is a pro at mimicking everyone and everything, including BTS‘s parents!

| Run BTS!/Weverse

Jungkook’s impressions of his members are spot-on, and Suga is one of his favorites to re-enact.

Little did anyone know, however, that Jungkook also has a talent for imitating Suga’s dad!

| Run BTS!/Weverse

In Episode 121 of Run BTS!, mind games and betrayals led to a shocking plot twist. Throughout the episode, the members emphatically (and loudly) professed their innocence, while accusing fellow “villagers”. “Gamer Jungkook” got into character by talking like a gangster and throwing in a satoori dialect.

When the others accused him of trying to steal the “ARMY headstone” to pay his arcade’s electricity bills, he exclaimed, “I don’t need money. I need games only!” 

According to Suga, Jungkook sounded exactly like his father!

When Suga said this, his members totally lost it…

…and now fans have a pretty good idea what Mr. Min sounds like.


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