Jungkook Made A Sassy Comeback That Left Jin Speechless

Jin had no idea how to react to this.

If Jungkook has grown up to be a sass master, Jin has nobody to blame but himself. After all, he raised him!


Over the years, Jungkook and Jin have developed a hilarious maknae/fake maknae friendship. They don’t let their 5-year age gap get in the way of playing around.


A scene in Memories of 2018 sums up their dynamic in just 6 seconds. Jin tries to rush Jungkook along by using an invisible watch, saying “We don’t have time, you know?”, in English.


In response, Jungkook says, “you’re not even wearing a watch”, then walks away.


Jin’s reaction was priceless!


As one of BTS‘s wittiest members, Jin isn’t usually at a loss for words, but if anyone can leave him speechless, it’s his “kid”!