Jungkook May Be Grown Up But BTS Still Treats Him Like Their Baby

Jungkook may be all grown up now but he will always be a baby to the other members.

Having joined BigHit at a very young age, it makes sense that the members would have babied him.

Even Jungkook wrote “Begin” as a thank you to his members for raising him.

However, BTS’ youngest member will already be turning 20 years old this year.

In Korean age, he would have legally become an adult last year when he turned 20 in Korean age.

This has not stopped the BTS boys from treating their youngest member like a child though.

They even let him get away with his playful antics even when it bothers them.

Through all this, you can clearly see how much they care for and dote on their maknae.

BTS really has a bond that is just life family.