Jungkook Turns The Tables By Teaching RM An English Word

RM was so confused!

RM is known to usually take center stage during English interviews, as BTS‘s most fluent speaker of the language.  Over the last couple of years, however, some of the other members have slowly been learning English as well, and it looks like for Jungkook, it’s starting to pay off!

When the group sat down for an interview with Access during the promotions for Map of the Soul: 7, one question that was asked of the members threw RM for a loop – because of how Jungkook answered.

The interviewer asked what their favorite English words were, the maknae quickly chimed in by saying “brekkie”. RM, clearly bewildered, wondered if he’d misheard or misunderstood, but Jungkook and the interviewer clarified that it can be used as a slang word for breakfast. “Do we call breakfast as brekkie?” he asked, amused. “I thought it was ‘Becky’, like ‘Becky G’.”

Jungkook was obviously proud of himself, given the wink he threw at the camera afterwards! It’s unusual for RM to be the one to get language lessons from the other members, so this instance was as rare as it was adorable! Some fans wonder if Jungkook learned it from Troye Sivan, given that it’s more commonly used as slang by Australians and they recently co-wrote “Louder Than Bombs” with the Australian singer on their new album.

Watch the full interview here: