Jungkook Rockets American Pop Duo To Fame After Using Their Song In His Osaka Video

Jungkook’s travel film introduced his fans to Loote’s music.

Loote was just as surprised as fans were when BTS‘s Jungkook dropped his self-directed travel video, G.C.F. in Osaka.  


Jungkook used the American pop duo’s song “Your Side of the Bed” to set the mood for his dreamy mini-film.


When Loote found out, they were ecstatic! They thanked BTS and expressed their desire to do a collaboration.


Shortly after Jungkook’s film dropped, “Your Side of the Bed” shot up to the number spot on MelOn‘s search!


Loote also was announced to open for Eric Nam on his Honesty tour, so this isn’t their first brush with the K-Pop world.


That said, Jungkook’s new film has given Loote an incredible amount of exposure that is sure to open many doors for them in the near future. To hear “Your Side of the Bed”, check out G.C.F in Osaka here: