Jungkook Surprises ARMYs With Self-Directed Highlight Video Of BTS In Osaka

Jungkook’s stunning travel vlog will make viewers feel like they’re in Osaka with him.

BTS‘s multi-talented maknae, Jungkook, has surprised fans with an artistic, self-directed video about BTS’s adventures in Osaka.


This beautifully made highlight compilation, set to Loote‘s “Your Side of the Bed”, goes beyond the standard travel vlog.


Its subtle, pink lighting and whimsical, scenic shots make the viewer feel as if they are in a dream.


The use of close-ups, shot from Jungkook’s perspective, makes the film feel intimate and personal.


It’s as if we’re looking through Jungkook’s eyes and experiencing Osaka with him.


Through Jungkook, fans can travel with BTS to restaurants…


…go on a shopping trip…


…and wander the city streets at dusk.


G.C.F in Osaka is the latest video in Jungkook’s Golden Closet Film collection. His previous G.C.F video, released last November, follows Jungkook’s travels in Tokyo.


Fans can’t get over how breath-taking Jungkook’s Osaka video is.


Singing, dancing, rapping, sports, drawing, and now directing? Is there anything BTS’s Golden Maknae can’t do? Check out the full video here: