Jungkook And V Supported Their Kids TXT Like Proud Dads

V was really, really excited when TXT won their award.

BTS attended the 2019 Melon Music Awards along with their juniors TXT and were the best seniors any idol group could ask for.

V watched their first live performance of their concept trailer in complete awe at how well they did.

He looked the part of a proud dad appreciating all of his sons’ hard work with his warm smile. Just look at V’s face.

Jungkook was just as excited for their kids, clapping vehemently after TXT’s performance and holding his fists up in an enthusiastic cheer.

When TXT won the award for “Best New Male Artist Of The Year,” BTS were just as excited, if not more than TXT. V jumped right out of his seat and did a victory dance when TXT’s name was called. BTS then congratulated their juniors with hugs and handshakes.

They’ll always be there to take care of their juniors whenever they can.

Watch the fun clips of V looking like a proud dad,

Jungkook cheering them on,

and V doing a victory dance on their behalf here.