ENHYPEN Jungwon Revealed The Advice Heeseung Gave Him When He Became The Group’s Leader

That’s some good advice!

On December 21, Weverse Magazine released a debut interview with leader ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon.

Jungwon was asked several questions about ENHYPEN, their debut, their hard work, and more. As the leader, Jungwon was asked about his role in leading and guiding the group.

As many witnessed, creating ENHYPEN was an intense, competitive, and an overall long process. The interviewer was well aware of this and wanted to confirm whether the selection for ENHYPEN was also intense and lengthy.

Jungwon answered that he and his fellow members did not think he would be the leader of the group:

We all thought Heeseung would be the leader until the day before we had that meeting on ‘ENHYPEN&HI.’ But then he called me over before bed and told me that he wanted me to be the leader. He thought it would be better if he remained a team member and the oldest member because if the oldest member also becomes the leader, the other members might be hesitant to express their opinions clearly. And he said the pressure that comes with being a leader can change people.

— Jungwon

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

The Weverse interviewer then proceeded to ask Jungwon if Heeseung gave any good advice to Jungwon once he became the leader of the group: “Did he say anything else or give you advice?”:

Heeseung was under a lot of pressure when he was the leader on “I-LAND.” So he already experienced all that and thought I might struggle in the same way. He told me that he doesn’t want me to feel too much pressure, and this is something he mentioned very casually, but he said if I know something, I should pretend I know more, and the members will have more trust in me. That’s a little trick – a tidbit he taught me.

— Jungwon

Well, it appears that Heeseung’s advice was beneficial to Jungwon as many fans and his members agree he is an amazing leader!

Source: Weverse Magazine