This Shameless Flirt Is After Your Oppas, And You Can’t Stop Him

Get ready to take notes.

According to a 2015 study by Jeffrey Hall and Chong Xing, there are five types of flirts: the playful flirt, the polite flirt, the traditional flirt, the physical flirt, and the sincere flirt. We’d like to add sixth type: the shameless flirt. His name is Jungwoo.


This NCT cutie on his way to becoming the next Cassanova of K-Pop, and nobody knows it better than his members.


When Jungwoo flirts, he is so confident and direct that it often takes his members off-guard. Taeyong certainly wasn’t expecting Jungwoo’s flirtatious answer to this innocent question!


Jungwoo shot Cupid’s arrow right into his hyung’s heart, knowing full well what a hopeless romantic Taeyong is.


Taeyong was so flustered that he refused to look at Jungwoo, but Jungwoo kept staring!


He was clearly proud of himself…


…and Taeyong blushed so much that he ended up covering his face with his cap!


Doyoung is another one of Jungwoo’s favourite flirting targets. When Jungwoo called him “Doyoung-oppa” at fansign, NCTzens lost their minds…


…and they may have internally screamed when this happened during a live broadcast.


Jungwoo volunteered to share a cheek-kiss with Doyoung (for the fans, obviously…), but Doyoung wouldn’t give in!


Jungwoo also playfully hit on Doyoung during a different broadcast. When Doyoung asked Jungwoo what he wanted for his birthday, Jungwoo asked for his hyung’s love…


…in the form of a kiss.


Doyoung didn’t quite know how to react to that request…


…or to Jungwoo’s skinship!


Jungwoo can be a sneaky flirt too. When Lucas pointed out his own handsome face in one of NCT’s music videos, Jungwoo got Lucas’s attention by fishing for compliments.


This romance master is so skilled at his craft that he has even given his group lessons.


Jungwoo isn’t NCT’s only flirt through.


Some of the other NCT members are just as bad (or good?) as he is!

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