Just Why Did BLACKPINK’s Lisa Compare Her Solo Debut To Pregnancy?

When you think about it, it makes sense!

Excited, proud, happy—these are all words you may expect an idol to use when describing what it was like to finally go solo. With the release of “LALISA,” however, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa had a very different description: “It’s kinda like being pregnant!” Here’s how she explained her comparison.

To celebrate the release of her debut single album, Lisa appeared on Woody Show — a licensed Thai version of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Naturally, host Woody wanted to know just how Lisa felt about starting her career as a soloist, but Lisa had a very unexpected description.

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First and foremost, Lisa gushed, “I’m very excited.” But by the end of her answer, she was surprised the host be stating, “It’s kinda like being pregnant.” Why? Judging by Lisa’s full response, it was all down to the anticipation.

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One fun fact Lisa revealed is just how long she’s been preparing for her solo debut: since March 2021, or around six months in total. While that’s not quite as long as a pregnancy, Lisa went on to explain that the album and title track did take some time to complete.


On top of that, Lisa had to take extra care to make sure everything was “perfect.” She even divulged that although the music video only took four days to shoot, they could only film one day every two weeks because her intricate sets took so long to make.


We don’t want our fans to be like, ‘Ah…?!’

— Lisa

As such, the BLACKPINK star explained, her solo debut was like a pregnancy in that when you’re pregnant, “You know you’ll give birth in nine months, but you don’t know exactly which day.” For months, Lisa worked on preparing something incredibly special with no exact release in mind, presumably working in a state of constant anticipation for what was to come. Now, says Lisa, “I feel so relieved.”


We have put so much effort and everything into it… Back then, I wasn’t sure if people will like it, and now finally, it’s out! So now all our worries went away.

— Lisa