Just What Do Idols Do At The Salon While Getting Hair And Makeup Done For Hours?

It’s something all idols have to do.

During their jam-packed schedules, K-Pop idols always look amazing and showcase their dazzling visuals to fans. All of this is done by a team of stylists who work hard to help the idols shine.

YouTube channel AYO invited Daho and Kim Minseon from Cheongdam Lovey Salon to their channel to talk about all things beauty.

As idols spend a lot of time getting ready, one question asked by a viewer was what the male idols do while they are getting their hair and makeup done.

Daho explained that it is different depending on whether the idol is promoting or on a rest period. If the artists are in the midst of a busy promotion schedule, they fall asleep and, if they’re not, they are usually on their phones.

Kim Minseon also added that stylists will also talk to the idols about their skin condition and recommend products for them to use.

Although this is the case with many idols, Daho pointed out that it is slightly different for Super Junior because they have been idols for so long.

Since they’ve been around a while, they’re rather professional. It’s like a rule for them that they don’t sleep when they get their hair and makeup done. So, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them (members) sleep.

— Daho

You can watch the whole video below.