The First K-Pop Song Justin Bieber Ever Listened To Might Shock You

Justin Bieber called this alternative K-Pop song “fire”.

Justin Bieber seems to be getting into the K-Pop genre – and his song choices aren’t limited to the more popular K-Pop artists in America, such as BTS.


A video of Justin Bieber recommending Dean‘s “Instagram” was posted on social media; he asked a group of people whether they had ever listened to the song, calling it “fire”.

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Justin said that “Instagram” was his first ever K-Pop song and it piqued his interest in hearing more from the genre.


Dean (also known as Deanfluenza or his real name Kwon Hyuk) is an alternative R&B singer-songwriter who debuted in 2013.


Dean’s management company re-posted the clip with the caption “Let’s all welcome our newest #Rebel @justinbieber to the family” and fans are so proud that Dean – and K-Pop – is getting recognition from the Canadian star.

  • “Omfg! Dean fever is spreading”
  • “I’m so proud!”
  • “Yeo this is crazyyy @deantrbl keep doing what you doing bro, sending peace and love.”
  • “Dean likes this.”
  • “Nobody can resist to @deantrbl’s music, he’s the best!! … welcome to the fandom Justin!”


Although, some fans are triggered by one of the girls, who told Justin to listen to BTS’s “Idol” instead.


This isn’t Justin Bieber’s first exposure to K-Pop artists, however, since he’s met a few famous faces in the past, such as 2NE1‘s Dara and Psy, and even filmed a cover of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “I Really Like You” with CL and other celebrities like Ariana Grande in 2015.


Fans are hoping this is just the beginning of Justin Bieber’s foray into the K-Pop genre and many have their fingers crossed for a collaboration in the future.

  • “Congrats @justinbieber. So now lets do collab w @deantrbl hahahah sir @theyoogroup arrange the schedule please.”
  • “When @deantrbl drops his full English debut the world will understand what we’ve all known for years.”
  • “Spread the word Justin!”


Watch Dean’s “Instagram” below: