J.Y. Park Gets Brutally Honest With ITZY About What It Takes For A K-Pop Idol “To Survive,” And Netizens Can’t Help But Agree

“There aren’t many idols who can…”

J.Y. Park (also known as Park Jin Young),  the founder of JYP Entertainment, got honest with ITZY about what he thinks makes an idol last, and netizens can’t help but agree with his assessment.

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When ITZY was on the American leg of their CHECKMATE world tour in 2022, they were visited by their former CEO, J.Y. Park, who maintains a close friendship with many of the company’s artists.

The group went out to lunch with him after their concert in Los Angeles, where they had fun catching him up on their latest shenanigans, including the hilarious story of how they failed to pop a bottle of champagne.

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After getting their drinks, J.Y. Park congratulated ITZY on their successful show. He went on to state that he fully believes every single one of the members has got what it takes to go solo.

But leader Yeji couldn’t help voicing a concern. According to Yeji, it’s really hard to stay on top due to the volatile nature of the music industry, especially when the song is not as good.

Because of that, she says, “I’m really torn between what characteristic we should keep and develop to maintain the position together.”

In answer, J.Y. Park gave his honest thoughts on what he feels is the most important thing for them to focus on. In order to survive, an idol needs to be able to dance and sing live while holding a mic—something that most idols cannot do, according to him.

Yet, while not all idols will have the skills to make it as solo artists, the members of ITZY do!

Many netizens couldn’t help but agree, commenting that what he says is not only true but also one of the most fundamental aspects of being an artist.

  • Even a member in my bias group said that there was barely anyone who is able to dance while performing live out there. Seriously those who are able to perform a stable live while dancing are the best
  • I don’t really like JYP, but what he’s saying is true
  • This is true. Nowadays, I can’t even enjoy idols who can’t singㅋㅋㅋ We’re talking about fundamentals here
  • Huh? What he’s saying is true, though? Why are people trying to swear at specific groups here?
  • What he’s saying is true, why are people nitpicking?

If there’s one thing he’s certainly right about, it’s that ITZY is a group full of all-rounders!

Watch the full clip right here.

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