J.Y. Park Has Literally Been Everywhere, K-Pop Fans Discover — Here Are The Stories Behind The Photos

K-Pop fans couldn’t believe their eyes!

After J. Y. Park went viral over one of his collaborations from the ’90s, K-Pop fans have been coming across some unbelievable photographs of him with famous American figures.

J.Y. Park Goes Viral After K-Pop Fans Discover One Of His R&B Collaborations From The ’90s

1. Stevie Wonder

Back in 2011, he tweeted a picture of him and Stevie Wonder on his own personal Twitter account!

Met the god of music and talked about our next dream together. Surreal…

—J.Y. Park

Stevie Wonder (left) with J.Y. Park (right). | @followjyp/Twitter

He also posted this photo with the caption, “Dreams come true…

| @followjyp/Twitter

2. Nick Jonas

And in 2009, he played table tennis with Nick Jonas!

This was back when Wonder Girls toured with the Jonas Brothers, so it makes sense that Park got to hang with Nick, but it’s still a surprising photo to see.

Wonder Girls with the Jonas Brothers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. | kimyoobin/Wordpress

3. Steven Yeun & Conan O’Brien

This picture of J.Y. Park with Oscar-nominated actor Steven Yeun and American media personality Conan O’Brien also has K-Pop fans in disbelief!

Conan O’Brien (left), J.Y. Park (center), and Steven Yeun (right). | @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

The trio collaborated on Park’s music video for “Fire,” which also features Jimin Park and appearances by Wonder Girls and TWICE!

4. Lil Jon

Netizens also found this photo of J.Y. Park with American rapper Lil Jon!

 The two producers have worked together in the past, like in this 2008 video uploaded onto JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

Park sent former Miss A member Min to train under Lil Jon in preparation for a USA debut!

5. Usher & Bill Clinton

The one that has K-Pop fans stumped the most is this one of J.Y. Park with American singer Usher and 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton!

Back row: Bill Clinton, Usher, J.Y. Park, and Korean-American golfer Michelle Wie. | JYP Entertainment

Park received an award at the 2010 World Leadership Awards in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was hosted by Usher’s New Look Foundation! J.Y. Park was awarded the Global Ambassador Award, while Clinton received the Service Legacy Award.

| JYP Entertainment

K-Pop fans have been uniting in disbelief over the number of unexpected celebrities J.Y. Park has been photographed with! Their reactions are hilarious and way too relatable.

Source: The Korea Times, Instagram and Twitter