Jaejoong Breaks Down Crying After Meeting A Blind Fan, Who Loves Him For His Voice

The fan touched his heart as much as he touched hers.

In a Japanese program for Jaejoong called Everything! Jaejoong revealed a special meeting between Jaejoong and a blind fan.


With the help of the staff at the event, she was able to sit in front of him and meet her idol.


The fan told Jaejoong “Although I can’t see you, I know and feel who you are through your voice.” 


While they were speaking, Jaejoong smiled and continued to speak with her calmly.


Once she was gone, Jaejoong couldn’t hold back his emotions and began to sob.


Fans believe Jaejoong was really touched by the love she feels for him just through hearing his voice.

Source: Insight