DAY6’s Young K Revealed Why JYP Entertainment Almost Kicked Him Out

“We might have to say goodbye to you.”

DAY6‘s Young K guested on an episode of Eric Nam‘s podcast, K-Pop Daebak and he recalled memories of being a trainee. Young K explained that, initially, when he joined JYP Entertainment, he had expected to join a group similar to that of 2PM.

DAY6 with 2PM | @jun2dakay/Instagram

Although he wasn’t a great dancer, he continued to work hard and even trained with members of GOT7.

DAY6’s Young K (left) and GOT7’s BamBam (right) | @HeliNugu/Twitter

Nonetheless, there was one move that he just couldn’t perfect: an acrobatic flip. He was warned by the company’s staff that it was essential for him to know acrobatics, such as backflipping, if he wanted to succeed at JYP Entertainment.

Otherwise he would have to be let go.

Since then, he worked overtime to perfect the backflip.

Young K practiced consistently until one night he finally got it at 4 A.M.

He waited the next day to tell the staff the good news. However, that was the same day he had a meeting with the staff and they informed that they too had news.

Afraid of losing the opportunity, he showed them that he could now backflip. They then revealed that he would no longer need to attend any acrobatic practices.

Announcing to him that he would be joining a band, Young K found out that low-key his hard work was for nothing.

On the bright side, he ended up not having to go to dance practices anymore and debuting in what is now known as DAY6.

Watch the full video below.

Source: JYP Thailand Official


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