JYP Composers Reveal How Much Work Actually Goes Into Creating Songs For K-Pop Idols

They don’t get enough credit!

JYP Entertainment has some of the biggest and most popular groups in K-Pop. From TWICEITZYStray KidsDAY62PM, and many more, K-Pop fans love all the artist’s music! Although J.Y. Park and the artists are involved in writing the songs, a group of composers is there helping to create hits!

JYP music composers KOBEE and Holy. M recently sat down with AYO and discussed everything from becoming a composer, writing iconic JYP songs and much more!

For many fans, the work of composers is seriously underrated, and a lot don’t understand the work and dedication that goes into creating a song for each artist.

During the video, a viewer explained that although JYP is known for its fantastic girl groups, they don’t consider that the members sing and dance. They also added that sometimes the vocalists seem to struggle during performances.

Even though many of JYP’s girl groups have difficult choreography, fans continuously praise all the members for having steady vocals and outstanding performances.

Yet, KOBEE emphasized that it isn’t as easy as telling the composers to think about that when they write the songs for each group. There is a lot more thought that goes into each track.

When we write a song for them, we look up the whole member’s videos. We analyze their range of notes first and check how high they can hit, then write the song based on that.


Holy. M then added that they obviously understand that the groups will be singing and dancing. With this in mind, they do make concessions and think about it when writing songs.

We consider it as much as we can. They need to sing while dancing. So, sometimes, if I think they’re going to be out of breath, we have it all planned.

— Holy. M

KOBEE emphasized that although they try to plan for it, sometimes it’s out of their control because they are separate entities from the choreographer. He also had the best response to anyone who might blame it on the writers.

We do plan it. But, we don’t make the choreography so, it’s not our fault!


As expected, composer’s jobs are not easy, and it is a lot more than just writing a song that they like and hoping for the best. When creating a track, they consider the concept and desires of the company and the individual talents and needs of each artist!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO