Here Is An In-Depth Look Inside The JYP Entertainment Building Tour, And All The Details Might Surprise You

There was even a small cameo by an idol!

When it comes to K-Pop agencies, one of the big things that fans love to see is inside the buildings. From SM EntertainmentYG Entertainment, and HYBE, something is fascinating about seeing the places where idols learn and grow, blossoming into superstars. Recently, J.Y. Park took YouTuber Liah Yooh on a tour of their building!

The first place J.Y. Park took Liah was the basement dance studios, vocal practice rooms, and the band room, used mainly by DAY6. One of the first things viewers noticed during the video was the huge presence of Western artists in the artwork.

J.Y. Park revealed that, in the building, some of his favorite rooms were inspired by Michael JacksonBobby Brown, and Madonna. In particular, the “Michael Jackson” room can be recognized as where groups such as TWICE and Stray Kids‘ do their dance practices.

Even as they moved to the next floor for the musicians, the influence from Western artists was on show. J.Y. Park explained that each of the 15 rooms was inspired by musicians from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The sign explains more about each act with each room, including their tracks, origin, and when they were active.

In particular, J.Y. Park showed Liah the room he used the most, which Quincy Jones inspired. The room itself was just as musical inspired!

Further up in the building were the recording studios used by the JYP artists. As expected, JYP designed the interior with musicians in mind, which is why the walls are painted with images of Prince, Whitney Houston, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder to represent each named room.

When he took Liah into the Prince room, there was no denying the influence from the artist. It was definitely perfectly themed, from the purple walls, furniture, and images on the wall.

The dedication to themes seemed evident throughout the rooms, and it looked as if a lot of thought went into each one. Each was perfectly designed and represented the musicians well!

On one of the tour’s final stops, Liah was taken was the rooftop garden, which looked like something out of a jungle. Yet, it is the perfect way to see Seoul, including the Lotte Tower with a perfect view.

Before leaving, J.Y. Park took Liah through the canteen to eat some food, and it was impossible not to notice a cameo from Stray Kids’ Seungmin!

There is no denying that, amongst the new K-Pop company buildings, JYP Entertainment is still beautiful with many small details that could easily be missed! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Liah Yooh