JYP Entertainment Revealed The One Reason Why They Stopped Hiring Interns

It showed just what kind of company JYP is.

JYP Entertainment is one of the most popular companies to work for in South Korea. With so many aspiring for employment at the label, it’s surprising how JYP Entertainment does not accept interns!

Founder, Park Jin Young, revealed that they once had an intern system but decided to get rid of it after the system became corrupt with personal favors.

We got rid of interns at our company.

Too many people asked me for [personal] favors. It became a system that promoted unfair competition.

— Park Jin Young

He farther explained it on his personal Instagram, emphasizing that he could never partake in creating a world where people valued personal connections over personal talent and skills.

There was so many people that asked me to hire their kids as our Intern so their kids can get an advantage when they apply for their jobs. Families, friends and people in high places…they were all disappointed at me but I couldn’t do it because of my conscience.

Helping their children be advantageous means making other kids disadvantageous. I couldn’t be a part of making this world unfair. So we eliminated our intern system 3 years ago.

— Park Jin Young

However, he opened up his company to a brand new intern system with the help of Mnet. He asked promising intern-hopefuls to apply to his company with assurance that they will be considered on a leveled playing field.

But this time we’re electing interns in a fair way in purpose to find regular employees so make sure you apply.

— Park Jin Young

Park Jin Young explained that his company has a variety of teams where you could grow your talents in a fair environment!

Our company has a variety of positions. We place you in a position that fits your talents and skills.

Apply with confidence!

— Park Jin Young

With such a righteous leader, it’s no wonder why JYP Entertainment continues to be one of the top global companies in the K-Pop industry!