Does JYP Entertainment Still Have A Dating Ban? NMIXX’s Lily And Haewon Respond

The “PSICK SHOW” hosts confront the idols about rumors of the dating ban.

Korean entertainment companies have rules and guidelines for their trainees and debuted artists, many of which are often shared by K-Pop idols with fans or on variety shows.

K-Pop artists gathered at the “2023 MBC Gayo Daejejeon” | MBC

JYP Entertainment is no different, and JYP idols are often candid when it comes to the rules they are expected to follow.

Even company founder J.Y. Park (also known as Park Jin Young) has been open about the bans placed on his company’s artists, including when he shared that JYP’s employees are banned from entering bars where only women are servers, stating it was grounds for being fired.

J.Y. Park | @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

Other JYP idols have mentioned guidelines for dieting, restrictions on the songs performed during their monthly evaluations as trainees, and more.

Of course, there’s also the well-known dating ban, which J.Y. Park admitted was initially in place for the first five years of JYP artists’ careers but was lowered to three years after “no one kept the rule.

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Recently, NMIXX‘s Lily and Haewon appeared on Psick University‘s PSICK SHOW, hosted by comedians Lee Yong Ju, Jung Jae Hyung, and Kim Min Soo.

During the episode, the hosts asked the NMIXX members about JYP’s infamous dating ban.

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Lee Yong Ju asked the members if it was true that JYP Entertainment idols weren’t allowed to date for “seven years,” to which Lily responded, “I don’t think so!

When the hosts attempted to press the issue, Haewon hilariously shut the conversation down, saying it was a sensitive topic for fans to hear about.

So, does JYP Entertainment still have a dating ban? If so, it seems from Lily’s answer that it’s at least not seven years long.

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