JYP Entertainment’s Most Cherished Trainee Who Looks Like Suzy + Kang Sora

Meet JYP Entertainment’s hidden jewel, named Shin Eun Soo. She’s a trainee who’s about to blow up the internet!

Shin Eun Soo was born in 2002, but at the young age of 14, she’s already making headlines for her incredible visuals.

Many netizens dubbed her as the second Kang So Ra.

While many others believe she looks more like JYP Entertainment’s goddess, Suzy!

Either way, Shin Eun Soo’s beauty is ethereal, to say the least!

Although she’s still a trainee, she already made her screen debut through the movie Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned (2016).

She acted alongside the famous heartthrob Kang Dong Won, who praised her acting skills.

The movie even landed her with her first award, the Popular Film Star Award!

Since then, she’s gone to star in SBS’s The Legend Of The Blue Sea and more.

She also landed her first commercial deal with Skin Food.

And she did it all before even turning 15!

Recently, there’s been rumors that she may be joining the upcoming JYP girl group with I.O.I’s Somi!

But some of her fans wish she’ll solely focus on her acting career.

Whether it be an idol or actress, Shin Eun Soo’s future is as bright as her shining beauty!