JYP Includes A Special Shout Out To TWICE In His Latest Music Video

He loves TWICE just as much as everyone else.

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young recently released his comeback music video “Fever”. Of course, he couldn’t forget to include a special treat for TWICE fans.


At the very beginning of the video, JYP jams out to the music that he’s playing on a mini piano. His facial expressions showed just how into it he was.

After playing the same tune for a short while, he gets frustrated and mashes all the keys. While some ONCEs had noticed and others hadn’t, this had been a small shout out to TWICE. How?

The song JYP had been playing on the piano was “Feel Special”, which is the track he wrote specifically for them and became a huge hit.

Since the song was written for TWICE using their experiences and feelings, it’s indeed special. No wonder JYP included a snippet of it in his music video.

Watch him jamming to the piano version of “Feel Special” along with TWICE’s version here.