10+ Contestants From This Survival Show Have Debuted Before Some Of The Winners

It’s been over two years since the show ended.

While the concept did not begin there, there is no denying that the first season of Produce 101 popularized the concept of showing trainee’s efforts to debut being televised.

| Mnet

Since then, many versions of Produce have aired in addition to other spins and takes on the survival shows.  Entertainment companies have also held their own competitions, including the P Nation and JYP Entertainment collaborative program Loud.

J.Y. Park (left) and Psy (right) | SBS

Loud‘s goal was to debut two global boy groups under P Nation and JYP Entertainment. Throughout the show, contestants were eliminated, ultimately narrowed down to five trainees under JYPE and seven under P Nation.

The winners under P Nation have since debuted as TNX (The New Six).

The New Six | P Nation

With the show ending in 2021, many have wondered when JYP’s group, known as JYP Loud, would debut. Over two years later, a fan congratulating a former contestant shared a startling realization — more than ten contestants have debuted before JYP Loud.

Of the show’s contestants, Doohyun (now known as Lex) has since debuted in Xiodiac

XODIAC’s Lex | One Cool Jacso

Lim Kyungmun debuted in Younite

YOUNITE’s Kyungmun | Brand New Music

Huiwon has debuted in N.SSign

N.SSign’s Huiwon | n.CH Entertainment

Lee Seunghwan debuted as a solo artist (ONLEE)…

ONLEE | Inyeon Entertainment

Yoon Dongyeon is set to debut in POW on October 11…

POW’s Dongyeon | GRID Entertainment

Lee Yedam has been announced as a member of ONE PACT

ONE PACT’s Yedam | ARMADA Entertainment

…and Park Hanbin debuted in EVNNE.

EVNNE’s Park Hanbin | Jellyfish Entertainment

Combine these contestants with TOZ‘s Hart (Maeda Haruto‘s stage name) and the six TNX members; fourteen have debuted or will be doing so shortly before JYP Loud.

JYP Loud was originally said to be a five-member group before trainee Yoon Min opened his own personal Instagram account, signaling to many that he was no longer under JYP Entertainment.

JYP Loud were originally rumored to debut this year, but it is unclear when this will take place.