Park Jin Young Spends a Fortune on JYP’s Cafeteria for This One Crucial Reason

He spends over 1.75 million US dollars a year on JYP’s cafeteria.

On the last episode of SBS’s All The Butlers, Park Jin Young made an appearance as the new instructor and spent an exciting day with the other members of the show.

On this day, the cast visited JYP’s company cafeteria for a meal, and they were shocked at the quality and scale of the food provided there.

The restaurant’s menu consisted of dishes that weren’t commonly seen in cafeterias such as fried pork belly in soy sauce, and the interior looked just as clean and refined as that of a high-class restaurant. 

Park Jin Young, who sat down with the rest of the cast, started to praise himself by adding that “the food tastes good even though they have no MSG.

What really surprised the cast and viewers was when he revealed that the price it costs him to maintain this cafeteria is over 2 billion won a year which is around 1.75 million dollars when converted to the US currency.

Park Jin Young shared that even though the cafeteria is used by the company employees as well, he feels especially proud when his trainees eat the food there. He added, “Since their parents are trusting their kids with us, I feel guilty feeding them instant food” and warmed the hearts of viewers by saying that the trainees are his responsibility so he’s not frugal when it comes to their food.

Source: Insight