The Internet Decided to Find out What JYP Would Look like with Snapchat’s Baby Filter

This might be the best product of the baby filter yet.

With the overwhelming popularity of Snapchat’s baby filter, Korean online communities have been busy sharing various photos of celebrities through the filter, and Park Jin Young has been the latest target who came out surprisingly adorable.

Despite using the filter, the “baby photos” of Park Jin Young are clearly Park Jin Young thanks to his very distinct facial characteristics.

In the photos that fans used to create these masterpieces, Park Jin Young flaunted very dramatic facial expressions, and by “babying” his face, it produced absolutely priceless results.

While also looking like Park Jin Young, the filter made his eyes bigger and flushed his cheeks making him look like a cute little boy.

The talented producer isn’t commonly known for having a cute face, but these photos suggest that he might have been a pretty adorable kid back in the day.

Source: Insight