K.A.R.D’s Somin slays cover of “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia

K.A.R.D‘s Jeon Somin recently gifted fans with her strong singing voice as she released a clip of herself singing David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium”.

Not only were many amazed by her talented vocal ability, but they were also impressed by her on-point English pronunciation. Her voice was powerful, yet very soothing and beautiful to the ear as she hit each high note.

Listen to Somin sing about inner strength with her outstanding vocals here.

K.A.R.D has been garnering a lot of attention and topping both domestic and international music charts with their most recent song, “Don’t Recall.”

Somin also expressed her gratitude for all the fans’ love and support by posting a screenshot of K.A.R.D’s “Don’t Recall” ranking first in the US iTunes TOP 10 K-Pop music chart.


“OMG….????? Thank you, I love you all, I can only say thank you…..”

– Somin of K.A.R.D

K.A.R.D is being referred to as one of the fastest rising rookie groups as their first song release, “Oh NaNa” ranked high on music charts as well.

If you “don’t recall” checking out their newest release, make sure to give it a listen below!