This K-Band Member Packs A Portion Of Stir-Fried Spicy Pork In His Bag

At least he won’t be hungry!

While backstage on a music program, DAY6‘s Wonpil was asked what he had in his bag. His answer shocked everybody!

He was shy to admit it, but he then revealed that he had spicy stir-fried pork hidden in his bag! They didn’t believe it, and asked to check his bag.

Ta-da! The DAY6 member opened his bag and he really did have spicy stir-fried pork!

Since music programs take a long time to film and involve a lot of waiting, it’s normal for the artists to get hungry. Wonpil is actually a genius for packing his own food; at least he won’t have to go out and buy food while waiting for rehearsals!

Source: Pann