K-Drama “Penthouse” Actress Lee Ji Ah Can’t Stop Laughing During Her “Kiss” Scene With Park Eun Seok

She couldn’t hold in her laughter!

SBS Catch recently dropped a behind-the-scenes video of the filming for the SBS K-Drama Penthouse.

The video revealed Eugene, Lee Ji Ah, and Park Eun Seok getting ready to film for the “kiss” scene, otherwise known as the CPR scene.

| SBS Catch/YouTube

This scene portrayed Logan Lee (Park Eun Seok) saving Na Ae Gyo/Shim Sooryeon (Lee Ji Ah) and using CPR to bring her back to life.

But the twist was to use the CPR scene as if it were a kissing scene!

| SBS Catch/YouTube

Eugene, although a part of the scene, felt like she was just an intruder on the other two actors’ kiss scene!

| SBS Catch/YouTube

Why am I here today? I have to watch you guys kissing? In my car!?

— Eugene

Each time they began filming; Lee Ji Ah couldn’t help but laugh.

| SBS Catch/YouTube

Eugene, who was right next to them, commented, “What are you guys doing!”

| SBS Catch/YouTube

Fans that watched this scene couldn’t help but be excited to see how Logan Lee and Shim Suryeon’s relationship will unravel.

Watch the full clip below!

Source: insight