Fans Are Shocked At K-Drama “Penthouse” Kim So Yeon’s Ability To Switch To Acting Mode In A Matter Of Seconds

A true professional.

SBS Catch recently released several videos from the filming of the SBS K-Drama Penthouse and gave fans an inside look at what goes on behind-the-scenes.

| SBS Catch/YouTube

One of the scenes revealed was from the most recent episode, where Chun Seojin, played by Kim So Yeon, kneels in front of Oh Yoon Hee, played by Eugene, as she asks for forgiveness.

| SBS Catch/YouTube

What was surprising was that before they began filming, the two actresses were seeing smiling and talking with one another.

But as soon as the cameras started rolling, Kim So Yeon could be seen closing her eyes, getting ready to focus on her acting.

| SBS Catch/YouTube
| SBS Catch/YouTube

Fans were shocked to see how fast she could go from smiling and happy to serious and cool in a matter of seconds.

| SBS Catch/YouTube

Netizens that watched this couldn’t hide how surprised they were with her acting.

  • “She is truly a professional.”
  • “Chun Seo Jin’s real life image is so cute compared to her character in the drama.”
  • “The way she switches makes it look like she has double personalities.”
  • “She looks like she’s being possessed by her character.”

Watch the full clip below!

Source: insight