K-Media Discuss How NewJeans Became A Global Trend In Just A Year

They are creating their own genre.

How did NewJeans become a global trend? Just after its debut, it swept the number one spot and stood at the forefront of the fourth generation, taking over the global market within a year. They are continuing an endless career-high march thanks to their unstoppable popularity.


NewJeans captivated the global music market with its second mini album, Get Up. While solidifying the top spot on domestic charts, it is rising in the world’s largest pop markets, the U.S. and the U.K.

Before the release of “Get Up,” they dropped the pre-release track “Super Shy,” which took over the music charts. This song also ranked number one on the major domestic music charts. The two title tracks released later, “ETA” and “Cool With You,” also ranked high on music charts.


In addition, they proved their powerful album power in first-week sales, selling more than 1.65 million copies. This also made them the second-highest female K-Pop idol group in first-week sales.

What’s more noteworthy is that the trend of NewJeans is leading to the global market. The song “Super Shy” entered the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 66, surpassing their previous record at number 82 with “Ditto.” In addition, according to the latest chart, “Super Shy” ranked at 64, rising two spots from the previous week.


The group’s popularity is not just huge in the U.S., but also in the U.K. “Super Shy” ranked 52 on U.K’s Singles Top 100 chart. It previously entered the chart at 59 and stayed not eh chart for three weeks in a row.

Since the group’s debut last year, they have received much attention as a newcomer who broke the mold of existing K-Pop girl groups. Starting with their debut album, they put out three title songs, releasing the music and music videos first instead of promotions.


Above all, they pioneered a new path by coming out with fresh music that is unique yet sophisticated and breaks the existing K-Pop formula. Their flexibility and natural image gave a breath of fresh air to music fans who were tired of similar K-Pop. This worked as they were able to establish their own genre in just a year. Global music fans are excited to see what they will bring in the future.

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