K-Media Are Focusing Attention On Who Will Open The Fifth Generation Of Idol Groups

Who do you think will open the next generation?

What are the criteria for classifying idol generations? Opinions about which group ushered in a new generation have always been controversial among music fans. However, if you look at it after time has passed, the general division of idol groups is usually clear. It becomes naturally reorganized according to the appearance of idols representing a new generation with differentiated characteristics from previous generations.


The first generation, including H.O.T. and Sechs Kies, which appeared in the late 1990s, announced the beginning of idols, while BIG BANG, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and Wonder Girls, who debuted in the mid-to-late 2000s, combined their skills and opened the second generation. The third generation, represented by EXO, BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE, helped promote K-Pop to the world by expanding their stage beyond Asia to the global stage.


Groups that appeared in the late 2010s and early 2020s claimed to be the fourth generation idol, but until a few years ago, there was disagreement about whether the fourth generation actually took place. However, several boy groups such as TXT and Stray Kids achieved meaningful results on the U.S. Billboard charts, and girl groups such as aespa, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans have hit music charts and caused a syndrome, making everyone agree that the fourth generation had indeed opened.


Currently, as the fourth-generation groups are continuing their activities in all directions, rookie groups that are about to debut this year are already trying to differentiate themselves by claiming to be the fifth-generation. Most of them are still in a position that is premature, but if they show a completely different performance from the fourth generation, there is a possibility that they will be fully evaluated as the start of the fifth generation in the future.


In particular, many K-Pop fans are paying attention and anticipating the large number of rookie groups that are being prepared by large agencies this year. BABY MONSTER, a girl group launched by YG Entertainment, has been receiving global attention even though the debut members have not yet been confirmed. Expectations are rising as to which trainee will be named as the final member, which will be revealed on May 12.

ZEROBASEONE, a nine-member boy group formed through Mnet’s Boys Planet, is also receiving a lot of attention from global fans. ZEROBASEONE, which advocated as a fifth-generation K-Pop group, broke the one million follower mark just six days after opening their social media account, achieving the shortest record among K-Pop groups.


BOYNEXTDOOR, a newly launched boy group from HYBE LABELS and KOZ Entertainment, is a six-member boy group that expresses everyday stories that people can relate to through honest music. There is no detailed information about the members yet, so interest is high for the group. Ahead of their debut on May 30, they will perform at a large music festival at the same time as their debut.

In addition, Pledis Entertainment, home to SEVENTEEN, will also introduce a new boy group consisting of members selected through a global audition within the year. It has also been announced that JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment will also be releasing boy groups soon.

As these rookies from large agencies are gearing up to debut one after another, attention is focused on which team will open the new fifth-generation of idols.

Source: osen
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