K-Media Believe BTS’s Hiatus Will Act As An Opportunity For Next-Generation Boy Groups

This is an important moment for boy groups.

After BTS announced their hiatus last year, K-Media has shown concern that boy groups must produce noticeable results. While some are concerned that a vacuum will be created in K-Pop after BTS’s sequential enlistment, some believe this can also be an opportunity.


BTS is the one that expanded the K-Pop market globally by achieving unprecedented results in the global pop music market. Therefore, there are predictions that their hiatus could reduce the global attention to K-Pop.

Recently, K-Pop girl groups have been filling the void left by BTS. According to Circle Chart, the combined sales of the Top 400 physical albums last year were 80,744,916 copies. This growth was greatly influenced by girl groups, including IVE, NewJeans, aespa, and LE SSERAFIM.

| NewJeans/ADOR

However, there are many predictions that the growth of boy groups will noticeably increase this year. The industry also expressed concern that the growth engine of the physical album market is biased toward girl groups, so it is expected that there will be a series of auditions to select boy groups this year. In addition, they also seem more enthusiastic about expanding the fandom of existing boy groups.

A music industry official stated, “While BTS has been increasing global status, other idol groups have steadily raised their stock prices, but it is also true that they have not received much attention. The vacancy of BTS will act as an opportunity to divert attention to the idols of the next generation after them. The competition among boy groups to occupy this void will become more intense.”


In fact, large groups such as SEVENTEEN, TXT, ENHYPEN, Stray Kids, and NCT have been working to raise their status, so there are predictions that the attention focused on BTS will be diverted to various groups. In addition, more than ten new groups from major domestic music companies are planning to debut, with more than seven of them being boy groups.

| Boys Planet/Mnet

Meanwhile, several audition programs are also planned that are centered on boy groups. Mnet recently started broadcasting Boys Planet, while MBC plans to air Fantasy Boys.

Source: dailian