K-Netizens Defend IVE From Any Talk About Weight Gain

What are your thoughts on this?

K-Pop girl groups and weight gain have always been a sensitive topic and although they may have an image they need to maintain, it should not be the main focus of a group. An online community recently posted photos of girl group IVE and pointed out the weight gain seen among some of the members.

Liz already gained some weight and not sure if it’s because of her but Rei has gained weight that’s gone past the point of looking cute and Yujin appeared with a lot of fat in her upper body. Wonyoung and Gaeul seem to have bodies that don’t gain weight but the other four members seem to dance so dull when watching the fancams. Why doesn’t Starship manage their weight gain like WJSN or SISTAR?

They continued saying that while other groups work hard to maintain a certain physique, IVE is the only group that have gained this much weight.

Although the fans don’t say anything they are the most sensitive to these types of things. I wish they would lose some weight before the fans leave the fandom. NewJeans eats celery and carrots as snacks but they eat bulgogi rice bowls and other snacks that are fatty. LE SSERAFIM works out regularly to keep strong but IVE has only debuted a year and have gained so much weight. I wish they would please lose some weight…

The OP also posted photos as proof of their statement regarding their weight gain.

K-netizens that saw this defended the group, revealing that there was nothing wrong with the members at all.

  • “If this is severe then it must mean that all of you are obese??”
  • “You always write similar posts like this I can tell it’s you from your writing. Aren’t you embarrassed doing this at your age? I feel bad for you as you are jealous of young girls that are at least 15 years younger than you.”
  • “You call yourself a fan and write a post like this? Even if you are a real fan we don’t need people like you in this fandom.”

We as fans need to remember that K-Pop idols are human too and we should appreciate all the hard work they put into their careers!

Source: nate pann