K-Netizens Praise TWICE’s Jihyo For Her Positive Energy On Stage

She’s just a ball of positive energy!

An online community board recently posted about TWICE Jiyhyo’s performance for “Talk that Talk” on Mnet’s M Countdown and received much praise for her stage presence. The fancams released online revealed her strong energy and presence as she danced on stage.


I’m not kidding when I say this…this is what you call a camera mukbang.

The amount of power she puts into her dancing radiates so brightly and the fans and viewers can totally feel it too!

Hey Jihyo is dancing at a level 10 over here lolol how did she hold all this in seriously.

Netizens couldn’t help but smile as they watched her look so happy performing on stage.

  • “The Jihyo I know always puts in a hundred in whatever she does.”
  • “I love seeing her look so healthy!”
  • “She has such a bright energy and works so hard it’s great to see.”
  • “I love Jihyo…I get happy just by watching her.”

Check out the fancams below if you haven’t already!

Source: theqoo