K-Netizens React To Before And After Photos Of A Fan After Getting Into K-Pop

How has K-Pop influenced your life?

With more and more K-Pop idols expanding to the global market, there has been a significant increase in international fans all over the world. The K-Pop industry has become so big that they have started to influence all different aspects including food, fashion, culture, and more.

Recently, an online community board posted a POV: K-Pop changed your fashion photos online of a Vietnamese TikToker (@davidkuson) whose fashion style changed after becoming a K-Pop fan. Let’s take a look at the before and after photos!


| @davidkuson/TikTok


| @davidkuson/TikTok

K-netizens that saw the post agreed that he looked great both before and after and that he had amazing sense of fashion styling.

  • “He can really style clothes well. It looks like he’s always had a knack for sense of fashion.”
  • “He has talent and he looks good in everything.”
  • “Styling is important for guys too. He was already handsome but he looks different with the new style.”
  • “It looks like he’s always had a talent in fashion.”
Source: theqoo