K-Pop Fans Discuss SM Entertainment’s Latest Trend Of Releasing EDM-Style Music

SM Entertainment is well-known for releasing various types of music through its artists in South Korea despite the genre not being the trend. 

A netizen brought up the point of SM’s own music release trend as many of its artists lately has released EDM-like tracks starting with girl group f(x)‘s “4 Walls.” As of late, f(x) member Luna and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon have also made their solo comeback, releasing EDM-genre track as well. Remixes on their artists albums have also followed their EDM trend.

In addition to experimenting with music when it comes to their artists’ official comebacks, their project weekly series SM STATION has also been releasing a variety of music including an all-instrumental single, Chinese tracks, and more.

Despite not following the trend, SM Entertainment artists have continued to show strong album sales.

Source: Pann