K-Pop Fans Find Korean Celebrity Look-Alikes For Each Member Of BTS?

On an online community board, a fan gathered several photos of whom BTS members share some features with. Looking through all the photos, do you disagree with any?

While some photos highlight similar accessories and haircuts as well, there are also similar facial features that each idols will share with one another. They are not restricted to just comparing BTS members with other boy groups but girl groups as well. And in one case, with a popular entertainer.

Check it out below.

Image: BTS Suga (left) / SEVENTEEN’s Woozi (right)
Image: TWICE’s Nayeon (top) / BTS Rap Monster (bottom)
Image: BTS Jin (left) / Black Pink Kim Jisoo (right)
Image: BTS Jimin (left) / Don Spike (right)
Image: BTS V (left) / EXO’s Baekhyun (right)
Image: BTS Jongkook (left) / Yoo Jae Suk (right)

Source: Pann