Yet another wardrobe malfunction by AOA has fans suspicious of stylists

Popular girl group AOA suffered yet another wardrobe malfunction at a recent event, with member Jimin’s dress slipping just a little too low during the group’s dance. 

Following two incidents with group member Choa, which were both caught during video broadcasts, this has been the third cataloged wardrobe malfunction for the group in a short period of time. Jimin’s malfunction, which took place during a performance of the group’s song “10 Seconds,” which the group performed alongside their title track “Good Luck” last month, Jimin’s dress fell a little lower than expected, shocking fans.

With so many different wardrobe malfunctions, however, fans have scrutinized the group’s stylists, claiming that they should be more careful with the girls’ outfits as to make sure to prevent any potentially embarrassing situations in the future. The incident occurs around 3:37 in the fancam below.