K-Pop idols show off the latest in Korean fall fashion trends: knitwear and skirts!

These female idols welcome the fall weather in perfect fashion.

With the fall season coming in full blast, a recent trend in fashion has come on to the scene in South Korea. This trendy look is perfect for autumn and many stars have been spotted rocking this look. For those who want to try out this look, all you need is knitwear (such as a sweater) on top, and any type of short-length skirt on the bottom.

Each idol listed below styled the look in their own way and show off the many different ways to rock this look. Of course, they can pretty much pull off anything thanks to their amazing bodies and good looks.

Regardless, check out the stars’ individual styles below!

Girls’ Day Yura


TWICE’s Tzuyu






T-ara’s Hyomin

m6 \

f(x)’s Krystal


Source: Dispatch