K-pop idols who look like fairytale princes come to life!

BEASTEXO and BTS members have been recognized for their beautiful faces and fans think that they actually belong to a fairytale book!

Complemented with images and GIFs, fans have voiced out their opinions on which idol they think is from the world of fantasy. From the images, we can see that their flawless hair, unique facial features and handsome smiles are definitely characteristics of the ideal prince.

BTS Jungkook:

The maknae of BTS stands out due to his soft features and cute smile. The 20-year-old totally looks like a prince-in-training!

BTS Jungkook
Image: Jungkook during a performance with a furry shirt

BTS Jungkook
Image: Jungkook’s side profile while heading to work

BTS Jungkook
GIF of Jungkook waving to viewers

EXO Suho:

EXO’s leader has got it all! Fans know that Suho has a funny sense of humor, awesome visuals and perfect “chocolate abs”! He could definitely be the next prince charming!

EXO Suho gif
Image: Suho seated in a throne with a smirk

EXO Suho gif
GIF: Suho giving a speech on music show

BEAST Junhyung:

BEAST’s lead rapper Junhyung definitely has the perfect royal physique! His outfit below confirms that the outerwear was made just for him. Only he will be able to pull off well with unique fashion styles.

BEAST Junhyung
Image: Junhyung performing right in front of fans

BEAST Junhyung
Image: Junhyung giving fans a warm smile unlike his fierce rap concept

BTS Jin:

The oldest member of BTS could sweep any princess off her feet! The 25-year-old is five years apart from maknae Jungkook, but that certainly does not stop him from being a strong contender of being a prince!

GIF: Jin giving a charismatic look after a a hair flip

BTS Jin gif
GIF: Jin with well-defined facial features


What do you think? Who else belongs in a fairytale?

Source: Nate