K.A.R.D Jiwoo recorded “Oh Nana” the same day she auditioned for DSP

During an interview, K.A.R.D‘s Jiwoo revealed that she recorded their debut song “Oh Nana” on the same day she auditioned for DSP Entertainment.

K.A.R.D recently had an interview and each member revealed how they joined the group. Jiwoo revealed that the group made their debut song “Oh Nana” shortly after she auditioned for DSP Entertainment.

“I majored in classical music, so I gathered my courage and decided to audition for my company. I was asked to come back that evening and record the song “Oh Nana” right away.”

— Jiwoo

It seems her company knew she had star potential as they instantly brought her to the recording room. In fact, Jiwoo was only a trainee for two months before debuting!

Jiwoo is in charge of singing, dancing, and rapping in the group making her an all-around talented idol.

Source: Sports Chosun